Arab Digital Banking Excellence Award - 2018

Day by day, we are witnessing an increasingly development of the digital transactions and e-commerce worldwide. For the financial sector and in order to keep up with this development, an urgent need for a new generation of financial institutions have been evolved. A need for a non-conventional and new generation banks that goes beyond the traditional pattern of performance and services and fits with the customers’ requirements is needed.

Tremendous technological advances

Given the tremendous technological advances, the adoption of financial institution’s of the digital alternative have participated in providing effectively a large range of services at low costs that shorten time and place and fits with the customers’ requirements.

In this respect, and in order to implement the Memorandum of Understanding between the Union of Arab Banks (UAB) and the Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization (AICTO), both organizations are launching the first edition of the “Arab Digital Banking Excellence Award” for 2018.


All banks in the Arab region having adopted the digital way to deliver their services


The “Arab Digital Banking Excellence Award – 2018” will be open from the 2nd of July 2018 to the 15th of February 2019.


A coronation ceremony will be held on 08 March 2019 at the Laico Hotel - Tunis - Tunisia


Reward the best Arab Digital Banks

The main goal of this annually award is to appraise and showcase the efforts of the Arab banking institutions in providing and developing digital services, as well as encouraging and motivating all stakeholders in order to move forward in providing innovative and creative digital solutions and services to all beneficiary parties (customers) by the usage of the new technological trends to the development of such a vital sector.



Union of Arab Banks


The Union of Arab Banks (UAB) is an Arab regional organization working within the framework of the unions emanating from the League of Arab States. The UAB is currently comprised of over 320 Arab banking and financial institutions …

Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization


AICTO is the leading regional organization fostering the development of information and communication technologies infrastructure and services. AICTO aims at developing ICTs throughout the Arab countries region  …

Categories of the

ADB Awards 2018

The « Arab Digital Banking Excellence Award – 2018 » is composed of 5 main categories. Categories have been carefully chosen to ensure the highest transparency and efficiency in the process of selection of Award winners. Each category of the Award has its own and specific assessment criteria.


Jury Committee

A specialized “Jury Committee” composed of high profile experts in the field will evaluate/assess all applications and select the initiatives which have the biggest impact on users/customers in the Arab region by providing and delivering digital financial services.

The selection procedure will be based on scientific criteria (as mentioned earlier)


All parties wishing to participate in the “Arab Digital Banking Excellence Award – 2018” are kindly invited to fill on the enclosed “Registration Form”.


The ceremony will be Broadcast live on an Arab TV Channel. During the ceremony, winners will present and showcase their projects ...


For the first category; Best Digital Bank in the Arab region: Winners will receive a special award from the jury: “Digital Excellence Award”.

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