Coronation Ceremony for the “Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions – 2020-2021”

The Arab ICT Organization AICTO and the Union of Arab Banks UAB organized the second edition of the “Excellence Awards For the Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions for the year 2020-2021” on May 28, 2021, in Beirut – the Republic of Lebanon, and it is worth noting that the first edition of the award was organized In Tunis – Tunisia on March 8, 2019.

Within this context, HE. Eng. Mohamed ben Amor _ Director-General of the Arab ICT Organization stressed during his welcoming speech the entitlement of honoring these financial institutions and praise their exerted and exceptional efforts, especially during the Corona crisis.

He also expressed his sincere thanks to all these institutions for their keenness to maintain the continuity of their work and ensuring the safety of customers in all countries and regions by resorting to the digital alternative to provide their services.

The Director-General of AICTO pointed out that this initiative launched by the organization in collaboration with the Union of Arab Banks in 2018, was addressed mainly to Arab banks in order to introduce their efforts in the field of digital transformation and the adoption of digital solutions to improve the quality of their financial services provided to clients.

The current edition of the award is distinguished by a new specificity through the involvement of the postal sector alongside the bank sector in order to highlight the steady development of postal digital financial services in many Arab countries in recent years.

The second edition will continue to highlight and follow the efforts of Arab financial institutions (including the two sectors, banking, and postal services), in developing digital strategies aiming at improving and providing innovative digital financial services in order to achieve leadership in the field, gain customer loyalty, and contribute to global efforts towards achieving financial inclusion.

This ceremony witnessed a wide participation of diplomats and high-level officials in the economic and media fields, in addition to the attendance of many distinguished and active personalities in the banking and technology fields from the Arab region.


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Excellence Awards | Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions 2020

Towards more innovation and inclusiveness

Worldwide, the financial sector is witnessing a great revolution going in pair with technological development to serve better customers more and more connected and demanding. A new generation of financial institutions has been evolved to emerge a non-conventional Banks and Posts with the aim of going beyond the traditional pattern of performance and services to fits with the customers’ requirements and to provide the required digital innovation to be able to keep up with the tremendous technological advances.

Theme of the Award – 2020

Excellence Awards for Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions – 2020
Innovation – Inclusiveness – Loyalty – Wellbeing

This year’s edition of the Awards (2020) has the specificity to include besides the banks in the Arab countries the postal sector, which was constantly growing during the last few years, and continue to grow in an overwhelming number of Arab Countries.

Arab Excellence Awards – 2020 | Best Digital Financial Institutions in the Arab region

  • Best Digital Banks
  • Best Digital Posts

All Banks and Postal institutions in the Arab region having adopted the digital way to deliver their services


The “Excellence Awards for the Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions - 2020” will be open from the 9th of September to the 31st of March 2021.


A coronation ceremony will be held during the second half of 2021 in the Republic of Lebanon.


Reward the best Arab Digital Financial Institutions

Based on the outcomes of the first edition of the Award, the second edition will continue to appraise and highlight the efforts of the Arab financial institutions (including the banking and postal sectors), in the setting up of digital strategies aiming to develop and deliver innovative digital services. All this to lead the way and gain the loyalty of customers/Consumers and to participate to the global efforts towards the financial inclusion.

Three major goals are to be achieved through this competition: “Arab Excellence Awards for Digital Financial Institutions – 2020” : INNOVATION – INCLUSION – LOYALTY – WELLBEING



Union of Arab Banks

The Union of Arab Banks (UAB) is an Arab regional organization working within the framework of the unions emanating from the League of Arab States. The UAB is currently comprised of over 320 Arab banking and financial institutions …

Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization

AICTO is the leading regional organization fostering the development of information and communication technologies infrastructure and services. AICTO aims at developing ICTs throughout the Arab countries region  …

Categories of the

“Excellence Awards for the Best Arab Digital Financial Institutions - 2020”

“Arab Excellence Awards for Digital Financial Institutions – 2020” is composed of two main categories : Excellence Awards for the Best Digital Banks and Excellence Awards for the Best Digital Postal Institutions. assessment criteria have been carefully chosen to ensure the highest transparency and efficiency in the process of selection of the winners.


Jury Committee

A specialized and totally independent “Jury Committee” composed of high profile regional and international experts in the field will study and evaluate all applications and select the initiatives and services having the biggest impact on users/customers in the Arab region by providing and delivering digital financial services.

The selection procedure will be based on scientific criteria (as mentioned earlier).
The Jury Committee will be composed of eminent International Independent Fintech Experts

(*)Please note that the selection of the winners of these awards will be the responsibility of the independent jury, as mentioned above and that AICTO and UAB have no role in this process.


All parties wishing to participate to the “Excellence Awards for Arab Digital Financial Institutions - 2020” are kindly invited to fill on the enclosed “Registration Form”


The ceremony will be Broadcast live on an Arab TV Channel. During the ceremony, winners will present and showcase their projects ...


Winners in the “Excellence Awards for Arab Digital Financial Institutions - 2020” will receive special awards from the organizers.

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