Category 2: Awards for the best Digital Postal Institutions in the Arab region  

Category 2: Awards for the best Digital Postal Institutions in the Arab region  

The Awards for the two categories are to honor the Arab Banks & Postal institutions, which have achieved a proven high efficiency in digital services and the great capacity of their digital strategies to polarize and serve the digital customers from one hand and their success in driving the customers towards the digital offers from the other hand.

The Awards for the « Digital Banks » are to be given to the winners in the following                           Sub -Categories : 

  • C2-1: Best Digital Post in the Arab Region
  • C2-2 G: Best Digital Post in the Golf Region
  • C2-2 ME : Best Digital Post in the Middle East
  • C2-2 NA: Best Digital Post in the North Africa

Selection/Assessment Criteria :

The assessment will be done through the three following pillars: Innovation – Inclusion – Loyalty

1. Innovation and creativity in the digital services and platforms

  • The extent of creativity and innovation of digital services, which distinguishes them from other services provided by other financial institutions
  • The range and quality of the digital services and products provided/offered by the bank or the Postal institution
  • The innovative design of the digital services platforms
  • The contribution to the development and the improvement of quality of the delivered services
  • The extent to which these digital services meet the needs of the Bank or Post customers
  • The ease-of-use by all user categories (men, women, elderly people, Persons with disabilities)
  • Digital trust and Cybersecurity (the extent of the conformity of the digital applications and services with the cybersecurity requirements and the right of protection of personal data and information of users )
  • Ways of Interactivity with customers: the possibilities provided by the banks or postal institutions in their direct relationships with customers

2. Inclusion

  • Adoption of a dedicated Technological Strategy to achieve the “Digital Financial Inclusion
  • Adoption of the communication plan to aware/inform citizens, namely in the isolated and rural regions, about the financial digital services
  • Facilities and benefits provided by the Banks and postal institutions to achieve the “Financial Inclusion” and the “Digital Financial Inclusion”
  • The success of the financial institutions in achieving the goals of their “Digital Financial Inclusion” strategies: through the number/rate of the beneficiaries.

3. Loyalty

  • Growth in the number of digital customers
  • The capacity of the digital strategy of the bank to polarize and serve the digital customers
  • The success in driving customers towards the digital offers
  • Widening of the range of the digital services and products provided/offered by the bank or the post
  • Customers benefits from the digital initiatives of the Bank or the postal institution

4. Wellbeing

Recognizing the contribution of the financial institutions in the Arab region in the national efforts to face the challenges being imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, as part of their Customer Experience mandate. During the pandemic period, the financial institutions have shown an extraordinary level of response to the crisis by switching quickly their services to the all-online and adopting digital frontend systems.

The Customer Experience is one of awards pillars that will evolve in the subsequent editions while this year’s special emphasis is on the aspect of the promotion of Wellbeing.

The pandemic has trusted the financial institutions to rethink their conventional approaches and embracing a digital-first mindset. Thus, has enhanced their role in saving lives and watching over the wellbeing of the Arab citizens through two main pillars: the contribution of the social distancing and the pressure relief for the supply chain.

  • Measures being taken by the financial institution for the transition to the digital alternative
  • How responsive was the financial institution to the new requirements of social distancing? Responsible practices in COVID-19 response
  • Digital payments as a frontline response: Providing cards
  • Will COVID-19 reshape the digital financial services, what kind of future strategies the financial institution will take?
  • Capturing the Voice of Customer through testimonials and surveys to ensure the design of the Customer Experience is relevant to the actual needs
  • Availability to keep dealing online requests for clients
  • Security: What special measures have been set up to reassure customers, so to trust online transactions
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